The Killing Engine Tournament 2010 consist of teams of 4 to 5 players fighting against one another two teams at a time. The Tournament takes place in late April and May of 2010.

Server will be (in all games) "Tournament 2010" and password "aquamarine". The password is there just for keeping random gamers off the server. Unauthorized people will be kicked out.

The version 1.0.2 can be downloaded from below (or via the updater):


Every team must have a leader who'll take care of that team's schedule. He'll/she'll ask everyone in that team and post the times suitable for them at the Forum.

The fifth open positions can be filled if other positions are full and there are still people who want to play. If all teams don't get these positions fulled, the people there will be backup positions. So in each match both of the teams must have the same amount of players. Of course the team with more player can in this situation choose which players the want to use.




KRS United


Every team will be playing agains eachother in regular matches as such:

So each team will play 3 games. After that two of the teams that have the most victories will face the two teams with least victories in elimination playoffs. E.g. Let's say that team A has 3 victories, team B has 2, team C 1 and team D 0. Thus team A will play against team D and team B against team C. The teams that win these matches will battle in the Final!

The matches will be 3 x 20 minute rounds so an hour in total and will take place in pre-selected arenas. Each team will only play one match per day. The Final will be a bit longer match of 5 x 15 minute rounds.

The game mode of choise for Tournament 2010 will be Team Deathmatch only.

Round 1

Developers (FIN) vs. Taisteluyksikkö (RUS)
2 - 1

Engine (FIN) vs. KRS United (RUS)
0 - 3

The maps were:

[01] tdm_bunker [02] tdm_territory [03] tdm_ghost_town

Round 2

Engine (FIN) vs. Developers (RUS)
0 - 3

KRS United (FIN) vs. Taisteluyksikkö (RUS)
3 - 0

The maps were:

[01] tdm_underground [02] tdm_lakeside [03] tdm_riotcity

Round 3

Taisteluyksikkö (FIN) vs. Engine (RUS)
time n/a

KRS United (FIN) vs. Developers (RUS)
2 - 1

The maps of this round will be the following in this order:

[01] tdm_office [02] tdm_moon_castle [03] tdm_time_of_duel


? (FIN) vs. ? (RUS)
time n/a

? (FIN) vs. ? (RUS)
time n/a

The maps of this round aren't decided yet.


? (FIN) vs. ? (RUS)
time n/a

The maps of this round aren't decided yet.


KRS United: 8

Developers: 6

Taisteluyksikkö: 1

Engine: 0