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06 Dec 2012, 18:48

Version 1.1 released

After almost three years of silence Seven Shapes Studios has now released a working version of Killing Engine with a new soundtrack, semi-intelligent bots, new level, new equipment, and a quantity of other changes.


Seven Shapes Studios will now continue working with a new project but still keep an eye on the re-opened Killing-Engine.com forums if players encounter issues while playing the game. Mappers can also post their creations on the very same forum so that others may enjoy them as well.


View the whole changelog here.

02 Dec 2012, 14:13

Killing Engine v1.1 in development

About two years ago we in Seven Shapes Studios abandoned the development of Killing Engine and left the game in such a condition that no one could play it even though mechanically the game was quite playable. One could say that the development team was quite exhausted with bug hunting and setback after another and then we just felt like throwing in the towel.


Now the dev team is back on track and we're doing everything we can trying to bring out a working version of Killing Engine that anyone can play with friends, strangers, or even bots. We also try to make sure that the Level Editor works properly and that any aspiring level designers can hone their skills with our little software.


Killing Engine v1.1 is scheduled to be released 6th of December 2012.


25 Apr 2010, 21:20

Version 1.0.3 released

The version 1.0.3 of Killing Engine has now been released. You can download if from Downloads page or through the updater in the game.


See the changelog.

22 Apr 2010, 23:59

New screenshots!

We've added 11 new screenshots taken from Tournament 2010 Round 2. The teams fighting against eachother there were Taisteluyksikkö and KRS United. You can find the images from the Media page.

16 Apr 2010, 19:31

Version 1.0.1 released

Version 1.0.1 of Killing Engine has now been released. The new version comes with an updater that automatically keeps your Killing Engine version up to date. You can get the package from Downloads page.

05 Apr 2010, 23:16

Killing Engine TOURNAMENT 2010

The Killing Engine Tournament 2010 takes place in late April and May of 2010. It consist of teams of 4 to 5 players fighting against one another two teams at a time.


Read more from the Tournament 2010 page.


Join one of the teams at our Forum. Just say in which team you want to be in.


Hope to see you in the battlefield!

13 Feb 2010, 23:29

Killing Engine for Linux discontinued

Unfortunately there is no way we can continue developing the Linux version of Killing Engine. Since we only have one programmer in our team we've decided to concentrate that resource in developing the Windows version. If we happen to find some more programmers to join our team that might allow us to continue the work with the Linux version. Currenty it requires too much work to make it happen.

09 Feb 2010, 22:39

Linux version of Killing Engine now online!

The Linux version is now finally working and online for download. Get it from our Downloads page.

25 Jan 2010, 22:35

Killing Engine version 1.0 released!

Killing Engine 1.0 is now ready! The game has been tested and polished and now it's finally done. The game now features even more weapons and even a new team deathmatch level. We wish you have a great time playing Killing Engine.


You can get the game from the Downloads page.

19 Jan 2010, 23:30

Few new screenshots

See three new screenshots of the newest TDM map called "Territory" in our media section.

14 Dec 2009, 20:50

Beta version 0.92 released

We've released propably the final beta version of Killing Engine today. The beta 0.92 doesn't include any major feature updates but rather we have fixed many bugs and improved the functionality of the already existing features.


You can download the Beta 0.92 from the Downloads page.

12 Dec 2009, 07:37

Version 1.0 delayed

We have decided to work on the Killing Engine version 1.0 a little bit more. The game is somewhat stable and works mostly the way we like but we don't see any point in releasing an almost ready game.


This means two things. Firstly we're going to release another beta version (0.92) in Monday December 14th. Secondly the development of the game propably requires yet another month so the estimated release day will be January 25th 2010. We're sorry for the delay but also think that this move is really necessary.

06 Dec 2009, 22:05

Few new screenshots

We've posted few new screenshots. One of them even features the upcoming Map-function. You can find the shots from the Media page.

29 Nov 2009, 19:52

Version 0.91 package updated

We had some problems with the version uploaded earlier. Now the game package has been updated and this version should work.


Note that at the time being you must use the server.exe to host games. In-game hosting has some problems.

29 Nov 2009, 16:09

Beta 0.91 released

Just few weeks away from version 1.0 we've decided to release the last beta version of Killing Engine in order to be able to really test the game modes Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. We've done a lot of work to get this game as ready as possible and the final version will be really fixed and tidy. Hope you enjoy the newest version.


The game package can be found from the Downloads page. Also you may now keep track of your scores from the Hall of Fame.

11 Oct 2009, 20:44

Beta 0.9 released

The beta version 0.9 is finally released! The features have been winded down a little in order to make this release as functional as possible but we'll work on making the final version as complete as possible. You can download the beta 0.9 from the Downloads page.


We hope you enjoy this release as you may finally host your own games with it. If you encounter any bugs or problems we suggest that you report them in our Forum so that we can get rid of them in our final version of Killing Engine.


Remember, you must have an active Killing Engine account in order to access the game. If you don't already have one go here to sign up.

03 Oct 2009, 08:28

Beta 0.9 delayed for few days

Unfortunately the beta version 0.9 of Killing Engine didn't finish for the end of September but requires a few more days to complete it. While waiting, you can check out three new screenshots of the building shadows we are working with in the game right now.

20 Sep 2009, 19:37

Beta 0.9 announced

We are happy to inform that the publish of beta version 0.9 of Killing Engine is estimated at the end of September. The version 0.9b will finally include the anticipated hosting function which means that everyone will be able to host their own games with Killing Engine. Additionally the new version will include new game modes: Capture the Flag and King of the Hill.


The version 0.9b will require a Killing Engine account in order for you to log in. Be sure to create one here in our website.

10 Sep 2009, 23:56

More new screenshots

We have added five new screenshots from beta 0.87 test to the Media page.

10 Sep 2009, 19:24

New website finally open!

We have finally opened our new and fresh Killing Engine Official Website. You may now view the screenshots, artwork and videos from the Media page and come chat with us in the Forum.

27 Aug 2009, 21:48

Beta 0.88 test this Sunday

The beta version 0.88 of Killing Engine is released for testing in Sunday August 30th. The test session will begin at 21:00 GMT+2 (2:00 PM Eastern Time). The new version will feature optimized graphics drawing and weapon fixes that should balance the game a bit.

19 Jul 2009, 19:22

Tutorial for the Level Editor

The tutorial for the Killing Engine Level Editor is now ready. It introduces all the tools and functionality of the Level Editor to new mappers. You may download the PDF version of the tutorial from the Downloads page.

19 Jul 2009, 19:20

New screenshots

Now we have 12 new screenshots from beta 0.84 test session. Check 'em out from the Media page.