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Discussion about Killing Engine news.

Post 19 Oct 2009, 01:54

The beta version 0.9 is finally released! The features have been winded down a little in order to make this release as functional as possible but we'll work on making the final version as complete as possible. You can download the beta 0.9 from the Downloads page.
We hope you enjoy this release as you may finally host your own games with it. If you encounter any bugs or problems we suggest that you report them in our Forum so that we can get rid of them in our final version of Killing Engine.
Remember, you must have an active Killing Engine account in order to access the game. If you don't already have one go here to sign up.

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Post 26 Oct 2009, 22:46

Looks like a nice game! Unfortunately I couldn't run the game since my laptop (Vista Business) doesn't have OpenAL32.dll or a fancy grafic accelerator card. But for the rest of you... play on!

// flyboy

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Post 26 Oct 2009, 23:03

The OpenAL installation package comes with the game. :) Just run the exe.
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